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Tuesday, 16 June 2020

What is next for societies run by fear?

Today's societies are run by Fear rather than Love. Fear to express Love (eg, MeToo), fear over Money (eg, inequality), fear over Politics (eg, authoritarianism, globalism, nationalism), Religion (eg, Islam), Philosophy (eg, identity politics), Science & Technology (eg, anti-vaxxers, 5G), and fear over saying the Truth (eg, political correctness). Hence, there is fear over each of the 7 Belief systems (2016 version, 2019 update).

A belief system is characterized by the ultimate human response: you're willing to sacrifice your own life for your belief. In other words, you love someone or something more than yourself. 

Our belief systems only change when under immense pressure (eg, burnout). I think, feel and believe that continued and omnipresent fear (eg, groups, societies) may equal this immense pressure (in individuals). Moreover, Fear and Love are the two primal human emotions (my 2016 blog). Lastly, fear causes three types of response: fight, flight or freeze.

The cycle of Doubt-Fear-Hope-Love (my blogs) has two phases: coupling and decoupling (my blogs). Doubt and Fear represent the decoupling phase. 

The decoupling phase has been running for several decades and may have reached its completion by entering the Vacuum, represented by a general state of human confusion. 

What is next for societies run by fear?

Leaving the Vacuum requires acceptance (eg, of our fears). Hope can then lead us to a new coupling.

I think, feel and believe that a new coupling is about less individualism and more conformity. Hence, a focus on group - rather than individual - consciousness. This is consistent with the transformation from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius (my 2016 blog).

This new coupling will probably result in more economic and social equality and less individual wealth, less democracy and more (state) determinationmore focus on nature and less on economymore government control (eg, social credit system) and less individual freedom (eg, liberalism). Be careful what you wish for.

Be Careful What You Wish For (2017) by Luke Combs

But sometimes things ain't what you think they're gonna be 
What you want ain't always what you need

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