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Thursday, 2 April 2020

Why did China lie to us about its coronavirus deaths?

In my March 26 blog, I mentioned the "absurd differences" in corona fatalities between various countries. These differences are less absurd once you realise that it's highly likely that China hid its true number of corona fatalities. It appears that a minimum of 40,000 Chinese people died from the virus; and not its official 3,312 people (eg, BB-1BB-2BIRFA, Time, WEmy blog).

A recent Washington Post article suggests that the lack of American precautionary corona measures was based upon personal reassurances by the Chinese president, despite early pandemic warnings by the American intelligence community. Trump believed the Chinese president rather than his own advisers, and is now facing a hefty human toll for his beliefs.

The Chinese president must have relied upon Trump's default attitude: defy allies, trust enemies. If my assumptions are correct then China implicitly declared a biological act of war on Western countries (eg, Independent). Why would China do so? The truth usually transpires over time.

Right now, the US population size amounts to some 330 million people. Applying the South Korean corona fatality rate of 0.6% would imply almost 2 million US corona deaths. Current White House predictions model 100,000-240,000 deaths. More important is this acknowledgement:
"Without any measures to mitigate the disease's spread, those projections jump to between 1.5 and 2.2 million deaths from COVID-19." (eg, the Hill)
Unfortunately, the US economic model has some serious flaws (eg, my March 11 blog):
- no paid sick leave for many employees (eg, source);
- lack of medical insurance for many millions of US citizens (eg, Wiki);
- low wages, cheap junk food, and thus a high degree of obesity (eg, CDCDutchNews);
- hence, a corona fatality rate of 0.6% should be an absolute minimum for USA.

I suppose there are some basic explanations for the Chinese president's lies to Trump:
- short-term: sinking Trump's chances for his 2020 re-election;
- medium-term: boost international (but not domestic) globalism and thus Chinese exports;
- long-term: superseding USA in international hegemony.

However, Western retaliation against China would be immense. This may explain alleged frictions in the Central Politburo of the Communist Party of China against its #1 ranking member. His colleagues will have to sacrifice him once his betrayal is in the open.

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