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Thursday, 12 December 2019

A new milestone: 2,000 published blogs

Yesterday morning, I noticed that I have published 2,000 blogs. My initial ones (in Dutch) were mediocre and reveal a lot of emotional pain. However, that was their purpose. My then-girlfriend recommended writing to me, for losing steam and for healing my soul, following a nasty divorce that lasted for 4 years in several courts.

Her advice worked and I would recommend it to anyone, who has been in a difficult situation. I didn't know that I had a talent for writing. I suppose my initial blogs of April and May 2014 hardly show any writing skills. I stopped after 2 weeks and only wrote a few times each month for several months. My daily writing only started early December 2014.

I think, feel and believe that writing is addictive. You start by looking at a blank page and then that wonderful process of creation starts. Writer Elizabeth Gilbert describes this rather mystical process as your elusive creative genius. I agree with her. After finishing your writing, you may even start wondering: did I really write this? At times, your words may feel "foreign" to you.

It took some time finding and using the available tools in Google Blogger (eg, hyperlinks). It took even more time finding my present structure. I have always liked reading quotes and I enjoy using relevant ones for my blogs. Using music, for illustrating the emotion and/or meaning in my blogs, has become my signature style.

A former friend once asked me whether my mind ever takes a rest (it doesn't) and that there must be plenty in it that wants to get out (it now does). Another friend recommended to continue writing my blogs rather than resuming writing my book. I agree with him and also with his advice using the best of my blogs for a future book. I had developed that same idea.

The song in today's blog is indicative for my creative process: its title suddenly entered into my mind while writing this blog. I immediately understood its meaning: another 45 miles to go before I'm home. These words are in the chorus of the song. Hence, a multiple of 45 miles. Some day, my writing will indeed stop but not now. Another 45 miles to go.

Writing has helped me healing my soul. I have lost my anger in - and dissatisfaction with - life. My triangle of Body, Mind & Soul is in balance again. Nowadays, I am happy and satisfied with my life, even though it's rather simple compared to my working life. My 2013 burn-out was a close call. My faith, (new) beliefs and willpower are the reason why I'm still around.

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” 1 Corinthians 13:13

Another 45 miles (1969) by Golden Earring

Another 45 miles to go 
Another 45 miles before I'm home 

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