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Tuesday, 29 October 2019

A New Order: the coupling of Money and Big Tech

I've overlooked an important connection between apparent separate developments, being (1) the decoupling of Business and Politics (my blogs of 2018-03, 2018-06i, 2018-06ii, 2018-09) and (2) the 3 paradigm shifts in the 7 Belief systems, being Politics, Religion and the Truth. My 12 July 2018 blog did notice that the new Power domain (ie, Data-Info, Money, Technology) is much stronger than the new Knowledge domain (ie, Faith, Philosophy, Science).

I failed to realise that the new Power domain reveals a new coupling between Money and the two winning belief systems, being Data-Info (eg, Facebook, Google) and Technology (eg, Apple). In general, we refer to Big Tech as the aggregate of Data-Info and Technology. An example of this new coupling is Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency project.

The future consequences should be ginormous following the exit of Politics:
  1. A new “trias politica” of Business, stakeholders and a lite serving Administration.
  2. The likely demise of the Chinese Communist Party and a take-over by its Big Tech.
  3. Countries and states would merge in order to mirror multinational corporations.

The future “trias politica” may look as follows:
  1. Big Tech in a governing role, represented by its oligarchs.
  2. Citizens (dis)approving Big Tech’s proposals through direct democracy.
  3. An appointed rather than elected lite serving Administration, responsible for executing approved decisions and safeguarding overall security.
Hence, there’s no need for a Congress, Parliament, (general or presidential) elections or Kings.

Even today, the Chinese Communist Party is afraid of its tech sector as it needs its Big Tech much more than its Big Tech needs the CCP (eg, Axios-2018SCMP-2018WSJ-2019). Hence, it will ultimately be a bend or break for the CCP. Interestingly, the American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce predicted the future demise of the CCP in 1943 (Edgar Cayce readings).

The coupling of Money and Big Tech (ie, the belief systems Data-Info and Technology) seems inevitable. Most of all following the failure of bipartisan politics (eg, UK, USA). The demise of Politics in “successful” coalition governments will take more time. The success or failure of the post-political New Order will be decisive for these countries.

The exit of divisive Politics may lead to a society that transcends its Beliefs stage (my 2019 blog). Societies would then be able to reach the stage of Awakening, following Needs, Wants & Beliefs. Such a transcendence has only been reached by (a growing number of) individuals, and (allegedly) never by societies. Such a development would either be phenomenal or disastrous if we should believe the many dystopian sci-fi movies.

The New Order (2018) by Aaron Kenny

Note: all markings (bolditalicunderlining) by LO unless stated otherwise

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