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Monday, 16 September 2019

Decoupling of Business and Politics (4)

On 12 September 2019, 145 American CEO's of companies, with more and less than 500 employees, wrote a joint letter to the members of U.S. Senate, in which they wrote the following paragraph in bold letters:
"That’s why we urge the Senate to stand with the American public and take action on gun safety by passing a bill to require background checks on all gun sales and a strong Red Flag law that would allow courts to issue life-saving extreme risk protection orders."

The inertia of American politics on gun control is legendary. They are still debating whether guns OR bullets kill people. Obviously, it's both and especially in the hands of people. I could have written the wrong people but I don't believe that myself. There are too many examples of American children finding/using guns for shooting other children and/or adults. 

Less gun violence is better for retail business. More gun violence will (also) kill retail and boost online sales. Businesses interfering in Politics is relatively new. Brexit is another example; see my 2018 blogs #1, #2 and #3. Such interference shows the growing irrelevance of Politics, as a Belief system. Also see my 2018 blog Paradigm shift in the belief system Politics.

Contrary to what you might think, parliamentary democracy is relatively new: 
"An early example of parliamentary government developed in today's Netherlands and Belgium during the Dutch revolt (1581), when the sovereign, legislative and executive powers were taken over by the States General of the Netherlands from the monarch, King Philip II of Spain." (Wiki)

The parliamentary democracy in countries like China and Russia is already mostly a charade, using a rubber stamp for approving legislation by their rather authoritarian rulers. The UK headed by BoJo is on its way of becoming another parliamentary charade. For the moment, UK judges have ruled that the prorogation of parliament "was sought in a clandestine manner" (verdict).

The decoupling of Business and Politics will accelerate the evolution of the current 7 Belief systems (2016) into the future 7 Belief systems (2019 update). The adjective "future" might be misleading because China's 2020 Social Credit System (my 2017 blog) shows that Politics and Religion are being replaced by Data/Info and Technology. 

"Humans are in danger of losing their economic value because intelligence is decoupling from consciousness." A quote from Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow by Yuval Noah Harari (b. 1976), an Israeli historian.

Charade (1963) by Henry Mancini (1924-1994)

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