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Thursday, 10 May 2018

Lucky in cards, unlucky in love

In many languages, there’s the proverb or saying: “lucky in cards, unlucky in love”. The Oxford Dictionary Of Proverbs mentions a reference to this proverb back in 1738. Several sources claim that “cards” is a synonym for money, which makes (perfect) sense. Love and Money are 2 out of the 7 Belief systems but their alleged competition triggers the Why question.

Until recently, I had never questioned this saying. Over the years, several women said to me that I’ve been unlucky in Love – or women. I must agree. Sometimes, I may have responded that I’ve been lucky with Money instead. Clearly, the proverb applies - or applied - to me. However, Why would these two belief systems - Love and Money - even compete with each other?

Money is a belief system within the Power domain of the 7 Belief systems, next to Politics and Religion. Power is a clear aphrodisiac to many men and women. The relationship between Love and Power is the subject of (many) movies and songs, although the famous 1964 Beatles song (Money) Can’t Buy Me Love seems to contradict this relationship.

The competition between Love and Money resembles the competition between emotions and ratio. For decades, I wasn’t much in touch with my feelings and perfected my ratio instead. This brought me success with Money. A singular focus is often seen as a recipe for success (eg, HB, source 1, source 2). Success radiates luck. Hence, the proverb.

While writing this, I suddenly thought of George Clooney, who seems to "have it all" and thus be the exception to this proverb. However, there aren’t many George Clooney’s in this world - just one. George Clooney had lots of girlfriends and married quite late. Perhaps even after a successful career. He might be less of an exception after all.

Why is it so difficult to focus on Love and Money simultaneously? Perhaps, it is just because both Love and Money are belief systems. A simultaneous belief in Love and Money limits the intensity of each belief. By definition, energy supply is limited and can thus only be spent once in full. Using energy for two purposes (or beliefs) automatically halves total supply.

The above leaves me with one remaining question: Why is the Knowledge domain of the 7 Belief systems (ie, Philosophy, Science, the Truth) not involved with Love, in the same way as the Power domain? Perhaps, the Knowledge domain is less interested in the distractions of Love. Love, on the other hand, is an indicator of success in the Power domain (eg, trophy wives).

The 1964 Beatles song (Money) Can’t Buy Me Love must refer to real love. Real love is blind for Knowledge and/or Power. Moreover, Love is the only selfless belief within the 7 Belief systems (my 2017 blogs part 1 and part 2). The Knowledge and Power domains include the 6 selfish beliefs: Money, Philosophy, Politics, Religion, Science and the Truth.

Real Love (1980) by Doobie Brothers ft. Michael McDonald - lyrics, video, Wiki

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