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Sunday, 21 May 2017

The Old Fox is on the run

In view of today's blog, I have reread my 11 November 2016 blog: The Old Fox. My predictions were quite accurate. Its accompanying song, by a 70s band called The Sweet, is even more appropriate today: Fox on the Run (video).

The Trump-Bannon Revolution of Disruption, Chaos and Destruction will use its remaining time to create further "assaults on U.S. institutions" (eg, CNN, FT, Independent, WP) or further "erosion of trust in U.S. institutions" (eg, Gallupthe Hill, WP). It's unlikely that Trump will resign himself. He will call the GOP's bluff on his impeachment.

An impeachment may lead to his removal from office. However, please remember that Bill Clinton was acquitted. Richard Nixon resigned before the Watergate scandal impeachment proceedings could begin. The impeachment procedure is explained on Wikipedia. Most important is that a "removal requires a two-thirds majority of the Senate".

Trump's removal is far from sure as several high-ranking GOP members are also involved in KremlinGate (eg, hacking DemsRussian money-laundering). These assertions are based on the blogs of Louise Mensch (Rep) and Bill Palmer (Dem). Mainstream news (eg, CNN, NYT, WP) usually confirm their stories but often several weeks later. 

It's not only the GOP that is involved in KremlinGate. I was flabbergasted to see Jill Stein (U.S. Green Party) attend a Kremlin dinner together with the recently ousted Michael Flynn and the Russian President (eg, Daily BeastMedium, Palmer Report, RAW Story). Jill Stein's efforts to challenge the 2016 Presidential election outcome suddenly leave a bitter taste. The Democratic Party has its own Russian ties (eg, Forbes, Washington Times). 

I am not saying that KremlinGate is much ado about nothing. KremlinGate might be far worse than most people are imagining right now (eg, Trump offering treason for hacking). The facts that will come out in the forthcoming months are probably beyond our imagination. The Waterford Whispers News even started a satirical rumour: "New House Of Cards Series Cancelled ‘Because It Can’t Compete With This Shit’".

Why did KremlinGate happen? Is it indeed a Very Long Con by the 44th President? Actually, I almost hope so as the alternative (eg, closed mindedness, ignorance and stupidity) is not promising. In a certain way, the Russian President got what he wanted: "assault on U.S. institutions" and "erosion of trust in U.S. institutions". By doing so, voters may believe that an autocracy or a kleptocracy is better than a parliamentary democracy. It's his Win-Win game.

Trump's eventual removal from office may invoke a new McCarthyism: "the practice of making accusations of subversion or treason without proper regard for evidence" (Wiki). I think, feel and believe that the aftermath of the Trump-Bannon Revolution of Disruption, Chaos and Destruction may continue for several more years.

Fox On The Run (1974) by The Sweet - artists-1, artists-2, lyrics, video, Wiki-1, Wiki-2

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