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Sunday, 14 May 2017

The 44th President and his Very Long Con

In the world of conning, it's always difficult to know who is conning whom. A con-artist plays tricks in real time. There is also a Long Con, which "refers to any of a variety of cons which require more planning, preparation, a longer window of interaction with the con's target, the mark, and a longer period of time to execute."

My 9 October 2016 blog assumed Trump was playing a Long Con. However, something does not add up. Trump's money laundering at his Taj Mahal casino was known for years. A Trump computer server, communicating with the Kremlin-tied Alfa Bank, was also known since Spring 2016. The fact that all these pieces of information are now suddenly merging in RICO actions by law enforcement, suggests that there might be a Very Long Con.

I've been surprised why the 44th President did not stop the 45th President from winning the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, while he must have known about KremlinGate. It would have been easy for him to ruin Trump's chances of getting elected. However, the opposite has happened: the Director of the FBI sent a classified letter to the Chairman of an Oversight Committee, who removed the classified markings and then leaked the letter (PalmerReport). Exit Hillary.

After the election, everyone was too stunned about the outcome and few wondered why the 44th President had allowed this to happen. The disbelief of the 45th President on his election has resulted in the chaos that we have witnessed ever since his inauguration on 20 January 2017. His election also forced the 45th President to appoint his trustees and thus to out his cronies. One of them was the same Chairman of the House Oversight Committee.

The immense cyberattack of 12 May 2017 targeted 99 countries including Russia, the "new" ally of the 45th President. The cyberattack targeted the Russian Interior Ministry and the Investigative Committee, "the nation’s top criminal investigation agency" (WP). This attack used the recently stolen NSA cyber hacking tools and focussed on users of Windows XP through 2008 R2. Early 2016, Russia had announced to ban Windows from government PCs.

The above might be labeled as a coincidence, ignorance or even stupidity. On the surface, it is very hard to see any shrewdness in these events, apart from the self-proclaimed smartness of the 45th President. Nevertheless, these same events may also constitute a Very Long Con by Barack Obama to deceive Trump's Long Con.

A Very Long Con might go like this: the 44th President knew that Russia used Trump for disrupting the 2016 US Presidential election. Their main goal was to discredit Hillary Clinton because a Trump win seemed unlikely, even by their standards. Instead of blocking these attempts, the famous Comey Letter was sent to a Trump trustee who received a US$ 10 million donation from Trump on the same day that he leaked the Comey letter (PalmerReport).

This Very Long Con may also explain the calmness of the 44th President and of the U.S. Intelligence community. They knew - and know - exactly what they are doing: pest control by using fumigation.

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