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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Equality comes at a price

The term Angry White Man is nowadays used to "explain" certain trends in Western societies. The term Angry Black Woman "was popularized in the 1930s radio show Amos 'n' Andy" (Wiki). I didn't even know that term until I just saw it in Wikipedia. I do however recognise the label Angry Black Woman from my personal experiences. I suppose both labels are nothing new.

Angriness is usually a temporary - and sometimes even a long-term - negative human emotion. It's rooted in Fear, being the primal negative emotion, as the opposite positive primal emotion is Love. A primal fear usually relates to the pace of Change (eg, climate, environment, society, technology) contrary to sudden fear, which is invoked by danger. 

I can only guess that the Angry Black Woman emerged because the pace of Change was too slow for her. Nothing much has changed since and the Angry Black Woman is still omnipresent. The Angry White Man has emerged because the pace of Change is too fast and he is losing on many turfs (eg, family, relationship, study, work). The fear over equality makes him angry.

I think, feel and believe that the Angry Black Woman "solved" matters by taking full control over her own life. I am less sure whether this is an option for the Angry White Man as he moves in a different direction. Given what the Angry White Man is fighting, there might be no imminent solution. The absence of a solution might even be cause for extreme beliefs.

To some extent, the surge of Nationalism seems related to the surge in Angry White Men in Western societies. One could even argue that its opponent - Globalism - promotes international equality. I am particularly worried about the increasing likelihood that Angry White Men will get angry with each other. Military conflict may become the resolution for such collisions.

In a recent TIME interview, the Israeli historian Yuval Noah Harari, made an interesting observation: "Ignorance by itself is not too dangerous. If you combine it with power, this is a toxic mix." Also see his 1 hour TED Talk on "Nationalism vs Globalism: the new political divide". This theme was also addressed in my 4 March blog: The ignorance of Nationalism and arrogance of Globalism.

Angriness (eg, Angry White Man, Angry Black Woman) causes closed mindedness for either facts (ignorance) or beliefs (arrogance). For further details, please see my 12 April 2016 blog, Arrogance and Ignorance. 

This results in ignorant Angry White Men and arrogant Angry Black Women. These stereotypes both feel familiar.

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