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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

The Sumerian civilization (2) and the Old Testament

The appearance and disappearance of the advanced Sumerian civilization (4,000 BC - 2,500 BC) is a mystery to scientists. There are 2 main reasons for this and both are rooted in Denial. Science claims there was no advanced civilization before the Great Flood of 11,000 BC - 4,000 BC. Many people, including Science, claim that Religion gives an inaccurate reflection of historic events.

The hundreds of thousands Sumerian clay tablets tell a different tale. The Sumerian King List confirms the existence of a great flood and has many kings before and after that flood. Even more intriguing is the relationship between these Sumerian kings and the names mentioned in the Torah, Bible and Qu'ran.

The best example is Abraham or Ibrahim in Islam. The Bible mentions that Abraham lived in the Sumerian city of Ur. Abraham's father was Terah, who was also the oracle High Priest of the Sumerian temple of Ur. The Bible refers to a king Nimrod. The Sumerian name of Nimrod (nmrd) was Enmerkar (nmrkr). Abraham, Terah and Nimrod go all the way back to Noah and Shem.

The birth of Abraham explains the animosity between Abraham and Nimrod. "Nimrod's stargazers told the king that Terah's newly-bom son would one day be a danger to his throne. Nimrod ordered Terah to send him the baby, to be put to death. Terah, however, outwitted the king." (source)

After the Great Flood, the Sumerians "suddenly" arrived in Mesopotamia. The Bible claims that the family of Shem (Noah's son) did the same. The Sumerians quickly disappeared from history after king Nimrod. It's interesting to know that king Nimrod once built the Tower of Babel. The Bible claims that this tower - or ziggurat - raised Yahweh's wrath.

The connection between the family of Noah and Abraham on the one hand, and the Sumerians on the other hand, is intriguing. The Sumerian King List and the biblical claim that Noah and Abraham's family came from a royal lineage is another "coincidence". I am inclined to conclude that it's one and the same: they were all Sumerian.

The connection between Abraham's family and the "Children of Israel" is also intriguing. These lineages have merged in history because of Abraham's flee from Ur and relocation to Canaan. All three main semitic or Abrahamic religions "claim" Abraham. This claim makes sense once you realise that Abraham was neither Arab nor Jew but (most likely) a Sumerian.

A "merger" of the Sumerian civilization (Science) and the Old Testament (Religion) would have serious consequences, especially as the Sumerian creation story and the Book of Genesis have many similarities (eg, Adam, Eve). It would challenge both (man-made) Religion and Science. It should however not change one's Faith. See my blog Faith vs Religion.

I am fascinated to see how Religion and Science are gravitating to a point beyond (my) expectation. This is not in their vested interests though. Both have a lot to lose. Hence, my claim that both are in denial about this "merger" of Sumerian civilization (Science) and the Old Testament (Religion).

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