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Friday, 27 January 2017

The 45th President of alternative facts

As a writer, I shouldn't complain about Donald J. Trump because he is an ample source of inspiration. On NBC News, his counsellor Kellyanne Conway referred to "alternative facts" regarding the claims of Donald J. Trump and White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer that the inauguration of the 45th President was "the largest ever".

Almost simultaneously, Dutch newspaper NRC published an article that a growing number of physicists believes that Information is the fundamental building block of the Universe, and also of Time and Gravity. Information can be detected and measured after defining its concept. Nobody really knows what Information is. Even the categorization of Information is complex.

My Information types diagram represents the various scenarios following the axis of (1) human perception and (2) human intention.

The nameless upwards and downwards arrows in the middle of the diagram represent important historical exceptions.

Shortly before his death in 1543, Nicolaus Copernicus stated that the Earth rotates around the sun, a then widely disputed fact.

Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) was controversial for championing the theory of Copernican heliocentrism. In 1615, Galileo's writings were submitted to the Roman Inquisition following a claim that Galileo and his followers were attempting to reinterpret the Bible.

Back in the 16th century people trusted their senses and concluded that everything must rotate around the Earth. They were unable - and some perhaps also unwilling - to view from a different perspective. Nothing much has changed since.

Our perception still follows our human senses (eg, balance, hearing, sight, smell, taste, touch) drives our own beliefs and also "the truth" we tell to others. The intention behind our words can make our words a deliberate lie.

There is one exceptional category: lies that appear deliberate but are actually the result of an extreme belief in the Truth. In plain English: Sean Spicer's "alternative facts" were just plain lies. Donald J. Trump is an extreme believer in his own Truth. Most people can feel the difference.

Would I lie to you (2016) by David Guetta - artist, lyrics, video, Wiki-1, Wiki-2

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