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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Everything follows Why (2)

Recently, Belgian public TV broadcasted episode 2 of the BBC program Around the world in 80 Faiths. This time the focus was on Asian faiths (eg, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism) and their focus on Chaos and Order. So far, all faiths are focused on Creation (eg, creation "myths").

This leads me to reconsider my diagram in my 3 August 2016 blog on Symmetry and Balance.

Creation is the purpose of everything (eg, Multiverse, Universe, Nature, Life) and most likely also a fundamental force.

Essentially, Creation has 2 possible emerging and alternative forces: Chaos and Order.

Chaos and Order are two complementary and opposing forces. They cannot exist without each other. This is also the essence of Taoism and its Yin and Yang symbol.

The eternal struggle between Chaos and Order is causing Change. Change creates temporary and multiple states of Equilibrium. The Equilibrium is what we perceive and cherish as humans. Change is what we dislike or even hate.

The Universe itself is a beautiful example of Creation: something out of nothing (eg, the Big Bang theory). Scientists still speculate what - if anything - predates the Big Bang of 13.8 billion years ago. Some scientists argue that our Universe is a creation within a Multiverse. Nevertheless, everything is geared towards Creation.

The dualism that follows Creation can be seen everywhere: Universe (stars and planets), Nature (dark and light, fire and water, earth and air/sky), Life (male and female), and also in other concepts like open and closed, yes and no, Time & Space.

Humans often associate certain characteristics with Chaos and Order:
- Chaos: bad, dark, devil, fear, ghost/spirit, hate.
- Order: good, light, God, hope, soul, love.

It seems to me that these dualistic characteristics around Chaos and Order have subsequently been codified into religions through so called creation "myths" (Wiki's list of creation myths). Faith is something entirely else. Faith is the belief that Creation is not random but a divine choice. Man-made religions use - and sometimes even abuse - our Faith in the Creator for its own purpose.

The Creator has a Master Plan (1969) by Leon Thomas - artist, lyrics, video, Wiki

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