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Monday, 21 March 2016

The Vanishing (4) - Proof of Life

After finishing yesterday's blog, I received a 12 second WhatsApp voice message. Her broken voice informed me that she is well and that I should not worry about her. Obviously, I care about my friends and even more in those bizar circumstances. As I was still waiting for the Dutch Police to contact me, I decided to put some more weight in this matter, and I contacted an old friend whose brother is a well-known criminal defense lawyer.

In the meantime I pursued my "investigation" and noticed that the city she had mentioned in her 7 WA messages actually does have a clear family link. I could no longer assume that it had been a decoy to put me off track.

I decided to share her 12 second voice message with my old friend in case his brother would be interested. My old friend listened to that voice message and came up with a surprising alternative scenario. In his opinion this voice message could also be from someone who is heartbroken after having decided to break-up with someone.

His alternative scenario has far-reaching consequences. All my suspicions about her disappearance are based upon the main assumption that she still wants to be with me, to live with me, which had been her wish and desire for so long. If that assumption "disappears" then another very simple scenario comes to light: she does not want to see me or contact me (eg, guilt, shame).

I already mentioned this scenario #2 (and its probability) in part 1 of this blog: "(2) she changed her mind about visiting me (low)". Her seven WA messages and her 12 second voice message do seem to support this simple scenario. The reason for her sudden change of mind, and shortly after her arrival, remains a total mystery to me.

Yesterday I decided to send her one last WA message which she received but did not read:
"So far I have assumed that you are held by someone against your will because you and I had agreed that we would live together shortly after your arrival. Perhaps you have changed your mind about living with me. It is extremely unfair of you to make me think that you have been kidnapped (or worse) while you may "just" have changed your mind about spending your life together with me. Only a Skype video chat can convince that you are indeed okay and do not want to live with me anymore. I would appreciate an urgent video chat in order for me to stop humiliating your family, you and myself in my blogs about your alleged disappearance."

It is very difficult to describe my current feelings: I'm torn apart, devastated, clueless, helpless and so on. Is this how you treat someone who cares about you? This is inhuman.

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